10 Food and Beverages contain Caffeine

10 Food and Beverages contain Caffeine

People always throw assumption that coffee is the only drink that contains caffeine. Keep in mind there are many other food and beverages besides coffee that brings the ‘shy’ caffeine substance into the limelight.

Caffeine is actually safe for human consumption at the level of 250 grams or three cups of coffee a day. Caffeine has contributed much of nutrition as a “supporter” in the body. Don’t ever think that caffeine exists only in coffee! Here are some list of food and beverages that contain caffeine.

Soft Drinks

Each bottle or can contains caffeine. Levels of caffeine contained in any soft drinks vary depending on the brand itself. Soft drinks contain on average 21-41 grams of caffeine inside.

Decaf Coffee

Even decaffeinated coffee certainly contains caffeine but in lower amounts. Decaffeinated coffee for sure is not going to lose its100% of the caffeine.


Cocoa is the basic material to make chocolate and it contains caffeine inside. The bitter and darker the chocolate is, the higher the levels of caffeine. Now you know, caffeine does not reside only for the bitter ‘clan’.

Ice cream

If there is chocolate, coffee and soda on your ice cream, there is a big ‘Yes’ for caffeine.  Although there are many levels of caffeine in each scoop of your delicious ice cream but it still contains caffeine. If you do not like coffee but need the caffeine, ice cream could be the right choice.

Weight Loss Pills

Caffeine helps you to lose weight and diet pills contain caffeine too. Many of those who want to lose weight can consume coffee to speed up their weight loss.

Sunflower Seeds

There is unexpected caffeine inside sunflower seeds. These seeds become the basic material of energy drinks and is natural energy booster.


Tea drinkers are certainly aware that in every cup of tea contains caffeine. They might not enjoy the taste of coffee but they cannot escape caffeine from tea.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks absolutely require caffeine to give extra energy boost. Energy drinks boost as much caffeine as coffee. 

Breath Mints

Probably never thought before that chewing breath mints also contain caffeine.

Pain Reliever Pills reliever

If a cup of coffee helps to relieve headaches, then it is no doubt that caffeine works as pain reliever pills. Caffeine is believed to reduce pain for those who are sick.

What else do you think about food and beverages that contain caffeine? Let us know and drop us comments.


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